Alison Paquette, PhD

Research Scientist

Pregnancy Research

I am a Research Scientist in the Hood-Price Lab at the Institute for Systems Biology. I use computational approaches and multi-scale modeling to investigate pregnancy related pathologies. My work has primarily focused on DNA methylation and transcriptomics of the human placenta and pregnancy related tissues. My current primary research focus involves constructing a genome scale placental transcriptional regulatory network(TRN).  This TRN will be used to identify transcriptional regulators in the placenta which are related to various prenatal exposures including maternal stress, and neonatal outcomes including gestational length/preterm birth, which has been funded through a K99 from the National Center for Child Health and Human Services. I am exploring the application of data driven, systems biology based approaches to study pregnancy, as it is a complex condition which is dynamic, multifaceted, and medically important.  As pregnancy has implications for later life health, I am interested in applying our findings and use a scientific wellness based approach to quantify and improve pregnancy outcomes, establishing a healthy trajectory across the lifespan.

For a complete list of my publications, you can visit my Google Scholar page