Tissue Specific Encyclopedia of Metabolism (TSEM)

The Price lab is building cell- and tissue-specific metabolic models based on transcriptomic data using our recently developed method –  metabolic Context-specificity Assessed by Deterministic Reaction Evaluation (mCADRE). The key innovation of the mCADRE method is to use gene expression data and metabolic network structure to deterministically rank each reaction from a generic human metabolic map in terms of its importance in a tissue-specific metabolic context. We have used mCADRE to reconstruct genome-scale metabolic models for 126 different human tissues and cell types to establish a Tissue-Specific Encyclopedia of Metabolism (TSEM) as a community resource—the largest collection of tissue-specific metabolic models for human to date. For many of the 126 tissues, this is the first time a genome-scale metabolic model has been built. TSEM includes 30 brain regions, 26 tumor tissues and cell lines, and 18 of the tumor tissues have corresponding normal tissue models.

Data and Software File(s):
mCADRE source code and data
TSEM model inconsistency