Transcriptional Regulatory Networks in Alzheimer’s Disease

We are using Transcriptional Regulatory Networks (TRNs) to better understand the causes and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Our approach starts with measurements of gene expression in the brain, from which we create models that help to understand the changes in transcriptional regulatory structure that occur in Alzheimer’s disease. We are developing methods that help to identify cell-type specific changes in gene expression, as well as changes in gene regulation by transcription factors. We are also investigating the potential contributions of pathogens to Alzheimer’s progression, again at the gene expression and network level.

Recent relevant papers:

MECHANISTIC AND DIRECTIONAL TRANSCRIPTIONAL REGULATORY NETWORKS IN ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE. Cory C. Funk, Matthew A. Richards, Paul Shannon, Rory Donovan-Maiye, Noa Rappaport, Max Robinson, Mariet Allen, Minerva M. Carrasquillo, Paramita Chakrabarty, Karen McFarland, Segun C. Jung, Alex Rodriguez, Nilufer Ertekin-Taner, Todd E. Golde, Leroy Hood, Ian Foster, Seth Ament, Ravi Madduri, Nathan D. Price. DOI:

Slide presentation:

Metabolic and Transcriptional Regulatory Network Models in Alzheimer’s Disease

Current Project Leads:

Cory FunkPaul ShannonNathan Price