P4 Healthcare & the 1MGxPx Project

P4 Healthcare is Personalized, Predictive, Preventative and Participatory. Dr. Hood is the Chief Science Officer in the Providence St. Joseph Healthcare system (a 51 hospital system in the western United States), and we are leveraging this relationship to implement 21st century medicine. P4 healthcare uses genomics and deep longitudinal phenotyping (e.g. metabolomics, proteomics, microbiomics) to understand global risk factors for each individual and identify wellness to disease transitions at the earliest possible time point. This approach creates a research opportunity to discover and develop novel interventions as well as a clinical opportunity to deliver currently available, yet not often implemented, actionable possibilities back to the patient (e.g. pharmacogenomics).

In pursuit of this vision, we are embarking on a project to connect full genome sequence data with electronic medical records and longitudinal multi-omic analysis for 1 million patients in the PSJH system. The project (1MGxPx) provides unprecedented potential to deliver clinical actionable possibilities to the patient for significant improvement of healthcare quality, as well as generate an enormous data set to propel healthcare into the future.

Recent papers from our group describing P4 Healthcare include:

A systems approach to clinical oncology uses deep phenotyping to deliver personalized care.

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Featured Projects

  • Personalizing Clinical Blood Tests

    One of our focus areas is the personalized interpretation of clinical blood tests. We are exploring the extent to which deep-phenotyping data — especially genomics — can be used to personalize the interpretation of existing clinical laboratory measurements, ultimately improving their diagnostic accuracy. The integration of these personalized metrics with existing clinical decision-making offers the most straight-forward path to bring deep phenotyping into the clinic. In collaboration with physicians within…