Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy Health is an active area of supported research in the lab. We use high dimensional multi-omic data to map molecular networks to understand normal pregnancy as well as changes associated with complications in an effort to identify risk factor and predict abnormal pregnancies well in advance of currently possible in the clinic. We have several on-going projects with both federal and private support, including: Harnessing “omics”: A Systems Biology approach…

Pregnancy Health, from Bench to Bedside

ISB is leading a comprehensive clinical study to tease out the intricacies of pregnancy as it progresses from conception to postpartum. In collaboration with Magee-Womens Health, ISB is collecting an exhaustive set of maternal and fetal health parameters — digital health, physiological, behavioral/contextual, molecular, clinical, and medical imaging measures — from multiple modalities and over the course of gestation.

Placenta and Preterm Birth

ISB is using systems biology to map molecular network dynamics in normal pregnancy, as well as study changes that occur in pregnancies with complications such as preterm birth. By using a systems approach, we hope to gain a more comprehensive understanding of pathological changes that occur in pregnancy, and identify women most at risk of developing pregnancy complications.