Tain Luquez

Visiting Scientist

Neuroscience Bioinformatics

Tain Luquez is a researcher at the Institute for Systems Biology. During his undergrad Tain leveraged multi-omic networks to identify genes and proteins potentially involved in the REM sleep behavior disorder, a prodromal marker of Parkinson’s. Leveraging on his computational experience, Tain came to the Hood-Price Lab as an intern to characterize the immunometabolic dysregulation induced by palmitic acid (the most common saturated fatty acid in humans) on astrocytes using transcriptomics. While on the lab, Tain has worked on expanding our understanding of the association between the HLA region and Alzheimer’s using transcriptomics data from the Accelerating Medicines Partnership – Alzheimer’s Disease and NIA Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease Data Storage Site. Currently he is exploring the contribution of herpesvirus infection to the pathology of Alzheimer’s using transcript and protein information from digital spatial profiling technologies.