Max Robinson, PhD

Research Scientist

Statistical Modeling

I am primarily a data analyst who specializes in biological data and mathematical approaches. Thus, I have expertise in: Genomics, which for me includes analysis of DNA sequences, genetic markers, and population structure. Molecular Systems Biology, or the analysis of biological questions through data collected in high-throughput experiments at the molecular level. Such experiments include quantification of cDNA molecules derived from transcribed messenger RNAs (transcriptomics) and 16S ribosomal RNAs (microbiome); proteins (proteomics); small molecule metabolites (metabolomics); and any other high-throughput data that may be available (e.g. methylated DNA, methylomics). Mathematical data analysis, including probability modeling and matrix analysis methods (e.g. singular value decomposition, principal components analysis, linear models). I also work on visualization of biological data.

Ph.D. in Molecular Biotechnology, University of Washington, 2005.

B.S. in Computer Science with a second major in Mathematics, Va Tech, 1985.

Scale-invariant geometric data analysis (SIGDA) provides robust, detailed visualizations of human ancestry specific to individuals and populations (preprint). M Robinson, A Zimmer, T Farrah, DE Mauldin, ND Price, LE Hood, G Glusman. DOI:10.1101/431585. (2018)

Fast and simple comparison of semi-structured data, with emphasis on electronic health records (preprint). M Robinson, J Hadlock, J Yu, A Khatamian, AY Aravkin, EW Deutsch, ND Price, S Huang, G Glusman. DOI:10.1101/293183. (2018)

Genotype fingerprints enable fast and private comparison of genetic testing results for research and direct-to-consumer applications (preprint). M Robinson, G Glusman. DOI:10.1101/208025. (2018)

Novel metrics for quantifying bacterial genome composition skews. LM Joesch-Cohen, M Robinson, N Jabbari, CG Lausted, G Glusman. BMC Genomics 19(1):528 (2018)

Ultrafast comparison of personal genomes via precomputed genome fingerprints. G Glusman, DE Mauldin, LE Hood, M Robinson. Frontiers in Genetics 8:136 (2017)

Genomic architecture of inflammatory bowel disease in five families with multiple affected individuals. AB Stittrich, J Ashworth, M Shi, M Robinson, D Mauldin, ME Brunkow, S Biswas, JM Kim, KS Kwon, JU Jung, D Galas, K Serikawa, RH Duerr, SL Guthery, J Peschon, L Hood, JC Roach, G Glusman. Human Genome Variation 3(1):15060 (2016)

Espaliers: A Visualization Method For Big Data. R Robinson, G Glusman, JG Vockley, JE Niederhuber, G Eley. Conference paper, Proceedings of Joint Statistical Meetings of the American Statistical Association (2015)

Identification of copy number variants in whole-genome data using Reference Coverage Profiles. G Glusman, A Severson, V Dhankani, M Robinson, T Farrah, DE Mouldin, AB Stittrich, SA Ament, JC Roach, ME Brunkow, DL Bodian, JG Vockley, I Shmulevich, JE Niederhuber, L Hood. Frontiers in Genetics 6(2):45 (2015)

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Systematic measurement of transcription factor-DNA interactions by targeted mass spectrometry identifies candidate gene regulatory proteins. H Mirzaei, TA Knijnenburg, B Kim, M Robinson, P Picotti, GW Carter, S Li, DJ Dilworth, JK Eng, JD Aitchison, I Shmulevich, T Galitski, R Aebersold, J Ranish, PNAS (USA) 110(9):3645-50 (2013)

Index-ion Triggered MS2 Ion Quantification: A Novel Proteomics Approach for Reproducible Detection and Quantification of Targeted Proteins in Complex Mixtures. W Yan, J Luo, M Robinson, JK Eng, R Aebersold, J Ranish, Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 10(3):M110.005611 (2010)

I am interested in just about anything that involves a technology…and that covers a lot of ground! For example, when cooking, I tend to make recipes that involve a pressure cooker or double-boiler. My artistic efforts revolve around knitting or crochet–old technologies, but technologies nonetheless. My bicycles have internal gear hubs.